Healthy Tots

healthyTotsLogoDaisy Chain Blaby has spent the last year and a half gathering evidence and implementing new ideas against the Healthy Tots Leicestershire tool kit. We were very pleased to be accredited with this in October 2016. The children enjoyed joining in with Active Bean sessions, Purposeful Physical Play sessions and continuing with wake and shake with the daisies. The children have also been learning about good oral health and even got to visit the local dental surgery to visit our friend Dr Bhatt. He let them sit on the chair and look at the tools. We also took part in an initiative with the local community dental health team, they gave us free toothbrushes so the children can brush their teeth every day at nursery. Our aim over the next few months is to focus on emotional health and well‐being, the children will take part in something called the mosaic approach which will help us to get a picture of what it Is really like to be a child at Daisy Chain, I have also designed a calm down kit for the children for when they are sad, angry, or just need a few moments to refocus themselves. The children will also be doing some meditation along with the yoga sessions that are already well established at Daisy Chain.

We also have been doing lots of learning about making healthy choices with regards to the food we eat. The children enjoyed planting vegetables, nurturing them and then digging them up to taste when they are ready. The children serve themselves their own lunch and snack and we talk about healthy portion sizes, where our food comes from and the differences in some people's diet, for example some children aren't allowed certain foods as it may make them ill, or because of their religion or family beliefs.

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